Here at Faux Paint Design "Go with the Faux", we truly believe that the biggest asset you own, is your home. A Faux finish will add value and durability to the walls of a home! The biggest improvement you can make not just to sell a home, but also enjoy it for yourself, is by upgrading your existing rooms. This can be done as a MAJOR project or if you need to stay within a budget range (and who does not these days) take it a room at a time. To see some amazing budget crunchers go to our facebook pageFaux Paint Design. FPD has saved bundles for customers. Obviously this can be very costly and a fearful decision to make.
  • How much will it cost?
  • Where do we begin?
  • What area of our home is in the most need for a makeover?
  • Will it be a Kitchen Remodel? A new floor? How about new appliances?
  • These are all well and good but sometimes the easiest and most cost effective way is to begin with the basics.
Do you own a fireplace? If so, are you happy with the original brick or stone that was used when it was built? How about the walls in your rooms, do they need to be painted? How about a combination of these. Here at FPD, we know the ins and outs to get the most bang for YOUR hard earned dollar! Did you ever think to replace that fireplace brick and wall covering be it paint or wallpaper? How about your old linoleum floor, have you considered a nice tile instead? We will help you with these decisions and YOU ultimately decide and then we get to work! The example below is a normal fireplace and wall. Nice, but sort of boring after time! Use the images below the fireplace photo and click on them to see what each of this small sampling of what we offer can do. It is AMAZING!

Change the wall finish by clicking with curser on selected samples!

Bleeding tissue #26 Antique tissue #25 Color blend #27 Venetian Plaster Serpentini Faux bucchino #28

To view more samples simply click Sample Page. Then to experience the really unique feature of submitting your own photos, visit our Survey/Contact Page!



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